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I’m different.
Not a bad different.
Just different.
They changed me, how could they not?
Small talk is difficult.
Simple fun feels like wasted time.
There is so much work to do, someone’s child just died.
5 minutes later another one will.
I’m often intense and too serious.
I say I love you every chance I get.
I can’t keep quiet about my God.
I really want you to know God too.
I want you to know stigma kills and addiction isn’t a moral failing.
I must tell you about the dangers of illicit drugs, fentanyl and overdose.
I feel how precious time is.
I know how short life is.
They changed me, but they didn’t take me.
They took my son.
Yes, I’m different.
How could I not be….

Parker’s Mom,
Paula Cunningham