A Beacon Dimmed
June 28, 2021

As I sat in a room full of law enforcement officers at a border briefing in Arizona last week, I received news that knocked the breath out of me.  I had to leave the briefing.  I didn’t want those men to see me cry and although I was tempted, I certainly didn’t want to interrupt the proceedings by taking the mic to share my heartbreak and frustration.  The change of a profile picture informed me that a sister had lost her second son.  I didn’t have to see the official post.  Just that picture.  Because in this life that I now live in, we just know. 

Cheryl Juaire of Team Sharing, Inc has been a powerful voice of support and advocacy since losing her son, Corey to an opioid overdose in 2011, and now, ten years later she will be the voice for another son, Sean.  TWO SONS GONE.  Before you judge Cheryl, Corey or Sean, I want you to see something. 

The words below are not mine.  They are the words of someone that was inspired by Sean’s battle and share the difference he made.  Read them and then pray with everything you’ve got for Cheryl, and the thousands of families that have experienced multiple losses.  It happens every day.  And pray for those in recovery.  They battle daily to maintain their sobriety.


I don't post this for sympathy and I don't post it to make anyone sad but a friend of mine overdosed and now, everyone else has to suffer with this tremendous loss…

Let me just tell you this. Sean was a beacon of light for so many men in Teen Challenge in Brockton. He was always there and in his years of recovery, he mentored soooooooo many people and helped them become clean. He was the light in the darkness for many, a smile on the face of the sad, and was certainly the gateway for anyone who needed help. In my 15 years of recovery, I have never witnessed a kinder man in recovery who was always willing to help anyone he can. He and I spoke at several venues about addiction and ran countless events on addiction. We spoke on the phone, we met for coffees, and just chatted about life on so many occasions.  He spent time outside handing out pamphlets in the cold for Teen Challenge, he set up booths at events to help people suffering, and he was just a great all around person and a crusader for the fight against addiction.

Sadly, he relapsed and is now gone. He went back out and used and now, we all suffer. My heart bleeds for anyone, and there are literally thousands, who knew and loved Sean because now, we suffer at the hands of another loss due to addiction.

Addiction does not discriminate and will take anyone from the CEO of a multi billion dollar company all the way down to the person who eats out of the dumpster of that company.

So in closing, Sean willl be missed by thousands and he was the epitome of recovery when he was in it. My ask of you is not to judge the addict, but to help the addict. My ask of you is if you are sick and suffering and in the grips and throes of addiction, please ask for help because help is everywhere!!!!!

May you rest in peace, Sean. It was truly my pleasure knowing you and fighting addiction side by side with you. May your spirit soar with the angels and your kind spirit be instilled in anyone that needs it.



Your friend,

Rich Barnes

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