Baby J
May 17, 2019

When Hagen went Home, he left not one, but two incredible gifts for us.  The first was his love and best friend, Tyler.  I find it hard to put into words how truly precious she is to our family.  I loved seeing the two of them together and loved even more that they spent so much time with me, sharing themselves and the plans they had for their future.  She was perfect for him.  She inspired him, encouraged him, fought for him, and when necessary, against him.  I could not have handpicked anyone better for my son.

On the Thursday before he died, we had our last telephone conversation.  It was about Tyler. I told him that she was an angel and that I’d pick her over him any day. 😁 His response melted my heart.  He said he had prayed so specifically for the one that he would spend his life with, he knew without a shadow of a doubt, she was the answer to that prayer.  I see why he loved her so much.  We all do.  She and Weston are two peas in a pod.  I love listening to them argue....said no parent EVER.  But I love it.  The bond and relationship that they have is so sweet that it seems like they’ve grown up together.  I could seriously go on and on about how wonderful it is to watch the other sweet bonds forming between Ty and my parents, siblings, nieces and nephews, and grandma, and maybe one day I will, but I have to tell you about the second gift.

Until today, we have referred to that gift as “Baby J”.  Hagen knew he was going to be a daddy and there was a sparkle in his eye that had never been there before.  He died 4 days before their first ultrasound, so he didn’t get to see a picture of his child, but he had already picked out names.  He did research because it was important to him that they have meaning. Tyler wanted a boy, but Hagen wanted a girl.  He said he’d always heard you pay for your raising and he knew that if he had a boy anything like him, he would definitely pay!  They sparred over that continuously.

Ty always asserted that she would win that argument and today, with Hagen watching from heaven, we all found out that she did!  Declan Elijah Adam Jones will be here late September or early October.  Declan, like Hagen, is Irish, and means “man of prayer” or “full of goodness”.  To me, it means both.  Elijah is Hagen’s middle name and Adam is his dad’s middle name.  So much thought went into naming this precious baby boy!  So tonight, I get to share with you that I’m going to be a Lolli to a sweet baby boy!  Declan, you have been prayed for since the moment I found out you were coming.  I believe you will be a man of prayer and full of goodness.  Just like your daddy.  You and your momma have both got us wrapped around your little fingers and we cannot wait to meet you!

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