For Me?!
December 18, 2019

You might expect that, as a mother who had lost her son, I would be in a constant state of fighting back tears, but I’ve never been one to cry because I was sad.  Mad, yes. Graduations and weddings, yes.  At parades, yes🙄.  Beauty pageants, yes 🙄 Air shows, yup.  I cry mostly when I’m overwhelmed by the beauty of a moment.  I honestly should allow more tears to flow because of sadness, and I’ve tried to make myself cry, but I’m just not wired that way.  In the last9 months, I have cried because I was sad, BUT more tears have been shed because of thoughtful gestures of others.  Just to know that there are so many compassionate people out there, thinking of me and my family is overwhelming and I cry. Ultimately, what reduces me to tears is the fact that behind every thoughtful word or gift, is my Savior, and whether people know it or not, He is loving me and comforting me through them.  Now THAT is overwhelming in the most purely beautiful way.

The holidays have been, well, hard. Not terrible, but definitely heavy, and lately mornings have been difficult for me.  I want to cry and can’t and my get up and go is like “nah girl, let’s just stay in bed.  Work is overrated.  Traffic will be terrible.  You have the best excuse ever so just stay put!”  I’m glad I didn’t listen to that annoying (although tempting) little voice because at 7:00 this morning I got to cry.  The kindness of the Honda in front of me in the drive-thru at Sonic reduced me to tears because they paid for my Diet Coke.  Am I telling you that I ugly cried over a Diet Coke?  Yes. Yes I am.  That was the BEST Diet Coke ever!  I thanked God for the caffeinated goodness, told me to get up and go to soak up some caffeine and shut up and asked Him to bless Honda Lady all day.  I thought those would be the last tears of the day.



This was in today’s mail. Two women, a mother and daughter, whom I’ve never met sent this to me.

They. Made. This. For. Me.

The tears in the drive thru were ugly. The tears at my desk were EPIC, and the kindness and thoughtfulness of three complete strangers reduced me to a wet, snotty mess.  I cried, I smiled, and I thanked God for this precious gift.  I prayed that mega blessings would be poured out over these women and I thanked Him for the tears.

He knew I needed that Diet Coke.  He knew I would LOVE this gift, and He knew that I needed to release tears that had been welling up but refused to flow.

How awesome is THAT?!? 

Honda lady, you got me started this morning. Sherri and Tasha, y’all just made my heart smile with this gift and sweet words!  And, Jesus, you knew exactly how to bless me and care for me all at the same time.

💜 Blessed 💜

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