From Trey's Momma
August 26, 2020

This month is a hard month for many of us who have lost someone special.  I know it is for me.  I know I have learned to live with my grief by doing things differently than some could even fathom.  For that I am so very thankful.  I will say though, August sucks.  It sucks because it is the one month that our precious “someones” belong to everyone.  ALL of us share the loss.  ALL of us share the grief.  In this we are UNITED.  It is significant for me personally because I never want my child to be forgotten.  It sucks because so many people never had the wonderful opportunity to meet and know Trey and how absolutely wonderful he was, how loving, caring and giving his true heart was.  On this day though, the world gets to remember him and all his heavenly brothers and sisters! 

This year more than years past, because of the growing numbers and the families that are no longer sitting silent, the world will SEE and remember them.  Show your heart and courage by tying a purple ribbon to a tree or on your front door, light your front porch with a purple light bulb or showing up to any of your area events to love on those who need you. Our loved ones mattered and they still do....say their names.

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