Grief is Such A Tricky Thing
January 18, 2021

Being vulnerable and transparent is uncomfortable, but it’s in our transparency that we heal, and help others heal.      

Grief is grief and loss is loss and so many of us are navigating through the loss of life as we knew it.  There is no manual.  There is no right way.  The pain is real and the battle is fierce, but there is always a light in the midst of darkness. 

Thank you, Debra Thomen, for your courage, your beautiful heart, and your words.  

A note from Taylor’s mom:

Grief is such a tricky thing.

Just when you think you’re doing better, then it grabs you even in your sleep. Those sneaky waves threatening to pull you under and sometimes taking you down into the cold dark murky depths.

Suddenly you’re choking on that despair and feeling yourself sinking so far that it seems impossible to escape - maybe it would just feel better to let it take you completely.

For a second, I consider the bliss of letting go and surrendering to it.

But then I remember I must fight. I kick my feet hard and climb ever so slowly until I surface, gasping for air and choking on the sobs.

It hurts to be alive and to feel this deeply. I’m ever so grateful for having loved this deeply too. Even in this pain, there is that to hold onto.

If feeling this means I live to share another day and possibly help another person, then I know I must take a gulp of the fresh air, catch my breath and dry myself off.

Grief is such a tricky thing.

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