I Got My Like
July 5, 2019

Tonight I was sitting in my carport enjoying the breeze and listening to the summer night noises.  I don’t know what it is about that time after the sun has set that brings me so much peace.  Maybe it’s the breeze or maybe it’s the symphony of insects and tree frogs singing from their hiding places, but it’s my favorite time of day.  It’s around that time that my head clears from a busy day and I can organize my thoughts and talk to God without the distractions of life.

There is no way I could list for you the amazing things the Lord has done for me since March 19.  There are literally too many to count. He's been faithful to tend to all of my needs, some prayed for and others just sent because He knew I needed something I didn’t.  He’s been equally kind to give me heaven hugs and sweet touches to put a smile face that reaches to my heart.

When I write, when I share with you my heart, I pray and hope that what I write honors him and encourages others. Reading the comments to the posts assures me that the encouragement is received by so many of you and I am blessed by your kind words. Just knowing so many of you take the time to read what I’m rambling is humbling. While I share to encourage, it is actually you that encourages me. It’s equally beneficial and I believe that is the way He intended it to be, so I keep sharing. The thing is, God isn’t on social media, so to speak, so I don’t get notifications that “God liked your post” or “God commented on your post”. That may sound silly, but when you express your feelings about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit or your interpretation of the Word, it would be really nice to know that He “likes” it, ya know?

I think I got that “like” tonight.  Two nights ago I shared the story of the night I heard TAPS playing on the Navy Base in Great Lakes, and how I consider this season without Hagen to be like that night.  Him on one side.  Me on the other hand.  We’re just waiting to be reunited.  I’m smiling so big all over right now because at 10:00 tonight, TAPS was carried in with the breeze.  I’m not sure if it came from Camp Robinson or the Little Rock Air Force Base, but I’ve never heard it before and I’m out here every night.  Both are several miles from my house in different directions.  Both are too far away, distance wise to hear that call to rest. But tonight, that melody found its way to me.  I don’t believe in coincidence and I wondered why He let me hear it tonight. I learned that it is sometimes called the “Battlefield’s Lullaby”.  That certainly resonated with my spirit because of the battle Hagen fought so bravely and the battle we fight now without him here.

Pure joy exudes from me right now and you couldn’t wipe this smile off my face.  If you didn’t think I was nuts yet, you may now, but I’m ok with that.  After writing about that experience in 2016, the Lord let me have it again.  It was a precious moment with Hagen (and yes, I believe wholeheartedly he heard it too) and it was a confirmation that He has called me to another battlefield.  The resolve and passion to bring healing and support to those in this battle has not diminished since I sent out my first war cry.  With every passing day, I’m learning, organizing and preparing to knock the wind out of the stigmas, to educate those that have yet to be touched by addiction, to support those that are fighting for their lives or the lives of their children, and most importantly to share the amazing love of Jesus.

I don’t know that I will hear TAPS again, but I don’t have to. I know that I got my “like.”

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