I Saw Snoopy Once
November 12, 2021

I love watching clouds!  You never know who or what will roll by.  I actually saw Snoopy once. 

True story. 

Today I was sitting on the porch talking to Tracie Cater on the phone and watching clouds roll by when I saw something that made me stop mid-sentence to take a picture.  I knew what I thought I saw, but I had to have confirmation, so I sent it to Tracie and said “do you see it?”  Since she confirmed it, I can tell ya I saw an HJ.  I only know one HJ, so I smiled and said “hey, baby”. 

Within 90 seconds I saw something else that further confirmed I was getting a heavenly hello.  Now some folks know when a cardinal or hummingbird stop by that their loved ones are sending a sign.  That’s not the case for me.  Hagen sends birds of prey (specifically eagles or hawks) or jets.  Conformity was not his strong suit, so it stands to reason he’d choose a hunter instead of a gatherer to say “sup momma?”

When I saw the eagle roll by I lept from the porch (almost face planting) to take another photo and again, sent it to Tracie.   I didn’t need confirmation this time, I just needed her to see what I was seeing. 


I turned around to see what the dog was into because I had yelled at her a dozen times during our conversation to stop digging up my flower bed when I saw the rock. 


How cool is it that even though I can’t hug him or hear his voice he finds ways to let me know he still thinks about me too!   How cool is it that Heaven allows them to send little messages and even cooler still that they are so stinking creative and undeniable!   How cool is it that I got to go on a little scavenger hunt?   How cool is it that separation of time and space is not a permanent separation?

I’m not sure what he’s up to or who he’s hanging out with, but he stepped away to give me a few hugs.  Hugs received, Dude, and sending em right back at ya!  My hugs look a little different and aren’t nearly as creative.   My hugs are defending those that he would have defended and loving on those he would have loved.  My hugs are carrying on who he was and continues to be.  My hugs are are the laughter and joy.   My hugs are full of all that he would and does want for me. 

Some hugs are felt physically and some are felt in your soul, and while I would LOVE to feel his physical embrace, my soul is soaring so high, you may see it in the clouds above you. 

Thank you, Jesus, for letting him take a break to talk to his momma!  

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