Miss My Dad - Miss My Son - Father's Day.
June 21, 2020

I miss my dad. I miss my son.

One was a daddy for 46 years. One knew he was going to be a daddy, but hasn’t met his beautiful boy yet.

I want to hug my daddy today and watch Hagen wrestle with Declan.  I want to tell them both Happy Father’s Day, but can’t. At least not in the traditional way.

I wasn’t going to post anything today because, well, to be honest with you I just didn’t know how to reconcile all the missing I’m doing with a measure of hope or comfort.

But God.

While I was busy trying to unsuccessfully ignore the significance of this day, He was busy comforting me.  I know there are other sons and daughters missing their daddy and other mothers and fathers missing watching their son be a daddy, and I know they are feeling much like I was.

But God.

While encouraging myself out of the sadness of what was missing, I asked myself how I could feel sadness for them when they were celebrating Father’s Day with their Father.  And there it was.  He so sweetly interrupted my conversation with myself (there are a lot of those) to paint a picture of the ultimate Father’s Day that my daddy and my son are participating in.

A breath from heaven changed the perspective of this daughter and mother and the sadness left.  The missing is still there because of the mark they made on my life, but sadness cannot co-exist with joy, and for a moment I felt their joy at being in the presence of their Father.

Because of that joy, I can celebrate the daddy my daddy was and still is.  I can celebrate the son my son was and the daddy he is.  I can celebrate the other fathers and those that have become fathers to the fatherless.

And I can celebrate my Father, my Abba, my Daddy.

To all of you daddy’s I say Happy Father’s Day.  It isn’t easy being a father in today’s world. My prayer for you all today is that you find strength from the fathers in your life and from your Heavenly Father to lead this and the next generation toa peaceful, reconciled world where our children walk in respect and love for themselves and each other.

Point them back to the Source.  Lead them in the Way.  Show them the Love.  And enjoy your day!


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