My Last Overdose Awareness Day
August 31, 2019

This August 31 should be like all of the rest of the last days of August that I’ve had in the last 45 years.  It should be just another hot day in the south.  But it isn’t.  This day means something now that it never did before.  This is a day of urgency.  The one day a year that is officially dedicated to raising awareness of the overdose epidemic.  A day when far too much has to be said in far too little time.

This is the last official overdose awareness day for me.  The last time that I will devote one day to what needs attention daily.  The last time I will rally on one day.  The last time I will count down to say what needs to be said daily.

People are dying.

Children. Are. Dying.

And there’s another generation coming that will die the same way if more isn’t done.

Tomorrow I will speak to who knows how many people at an awareness event.  I will share with them the reasons I refuse to devote only one day a year to speaking a truth no one wants to hear.  Your child could be next.  I didn’t want to hear it.  But here I am.  One child in heaven and one child trying to navigate a world that glorifies drug use until your hooked, and then turns its back as it points a finger.

These two are why I will not be a one day a year voice.  I will tell the ugly and beautiful truth about the one that is waiting on me and I will literally fight hell to keep the other one from falling into the same trap that his brother did.  Both of my boys are exceptional.  Both have enormous hearts of compassion.  Both make me proud to be their mom. 

Until every parent joins in this fight, I will fight for your child too.  This epidemic - this annihilation of our youth is just getting started.  And so am I.  And so are some fierce mommas on the same mission.

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