The Storm
March 30, 2019

I’m sitting on my brother's front porch on the farm that Hagen loved so much.  He was excited to move here and raise his family with Tyler so his babies could experience the sounds, the sights and the peace that it offers.  This is where we will bury him today.  The “Jones” family will come together again one week after his funeral to complete the task that death requires of everyone at some time.  Today, although we miss him, there will be no sorrow.  There will be great food, laughter, 4-wheeler rides, dog chasing and cow petting.  There will be football and stories and teenagers squabbling over who is the toughest.  Hagen definitely held that position so now his successor must be determined!  My money is on one of my nieces!

So. Much. Life.

I sat here watching the sun come up as thunder rolled behind me, and I thought “that’s life”.  Beauty before you with a threat coming to steal it.

Not today.

Not any day.

Even in the storm there is beauty when you have the eyes to see, and the hope and the love of Christ within. 

Let it rain.

This family will play in it.

Let it thunder.

We will imagine what is going on in Heaven.

Let it lightning.

We will watch in awe and ask “did you see that?!”

Some of us have already gone back to “normal life” and some of us go back Monday, but it’s anything but normal.  You don’t pick up where you left off after something like this.  The world does, but you don’t.  I’ve fought fear of going back to that life.  The enemy would have me believe that it will be empty and that the mundane tasks will be overwhelming, but the Holy Spirit is whispering “I’m already there.  Get ready!”  So I am.  Please continue to pray for us. Our faith is strong, yes, but there is still a loss.  Because of the faith it’s bearable, but there nonetheless.  Please pray especially for Hagen’s siblings Weston and Jolie, and the many younger cousins he left behind.  Most are teenagers and feel his loss differently than we do. Thank you for the prayers that have already been said on our behalf!  I promise you they have been felt and each one has embraced us! 

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