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You Are Not Alone

Support for Arkansas

We recognize the incredible pain and grief that comes with mourning the loss of a loved one from SUD or Fentanyl Poisoning. That’s why we created this specialized support system for all 75 counties in the state of Arkansas.

Partners in Purpose

Arkansas Specific Resources

Hope for the Natural State

Our team is dedicated to walking with Arkansans through their journey of grief, offering support and resources every step of the way. No one should ever have to go through the valleys of bereavement alone, so whatever circumstance you face, you are not alone when you turn to to the Hope Movement Coalition. Together, let’s remember and honor those that we lost too soon.

Available Resources

Grandparent Assistance

We are here to help navigate the legal process and financial hardships experienced by families who are faced with raising their grandchildren after the loss of their parent(s) to drug related deaths.*

Funeral Assistance

We know that funerals are expensive and sadly, the funeral industry has been forced to collect the cost of arrangements prior to the funeral date.  Our Funeral Assistance is in place to help offset the costs specifically for those families that do not have resources available to plan a celebration of life.*

PTO Assistance

Many times family members do not have vacation or Paid Time Off, and are financially forced to return to work prematurely.  Our PTO assistance is specifically for those families that do not have that time accrued.*

Peer Partners

Connection is vital but stigma often leaves families of drug related deaths feeling alone.  Our parent and sibling partners are here to walk with you through every aspect of your loss.   They know what you are going through because they’ve been right where you are.

Counseling Referrals

Finding the right counselor can be overwhelming.  We have done the work for you and have complied a list of counselors in the state qualified to address the complicated grief and PTSD associated with the loss of a loved one to a drug related death.

8-Week Grief Course

Our grief course was created for families of drug related loss FOR families of  drug related loss.  Offered twice a year, it is designed to attend as many times as needed to address the fluid stages of grief.  

Grief Retreat

Held annually in the Ozark Mountains, our 3 day cause specific grief retreat is a time of Hope, healing and connecting with others who understand the complexities of grieving a drug related death.

Monthly Meetings

On the last Saturday of every month, we gather to listen, encourage and offer support in person creating a community of understanding and connection.

 * To request assistance, please e-mail us. Include as much detail as possible for our board to review your request. We will reach out for more information if needed.

You are not alone. Reach out today to for info on support and resources in Arkansas.