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I remember every.  single. minute.  The loss of your light was and is profound and unfair and has left an emptiness that can only be filled by the promise that I WILL wrap my arms around you again.


I don’t just have memories.  I have you with me always in my heart, soul and DNA.  I have you in your son and your brother and and your Love and your friends.  I have you in the music and movies and books that you loved.  I have you in the art and lyrics that you poured from your heart. I have you in each and every person that has crossed my path since you left us.  They know your name because I will never not speak it.


The balloons are black here, but the balloons you deserve are filled with the vibrant colors of heaven not visible to my eye.


On this day of remembrance it is my prayer that heaven sends you and all of your brothers and sisters in the army of souls that arrived far too soon out in a mighty wave of fierceness and determination to fight for all of those struggling.  Surround them, protect them, and with the power of heaven lead them away from becoming a memory.  Defend them in spirit the way you defended those you loved in life.  Do not stop until no other balloon is added, because I’m sure not stopping.


I miss you, son, and I love you to heaven and back with every breath.