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I wish my daddy was here.
My son too. 
I wish I had a thousand more photographs of my dad and I together. 
Wish I had a million more of my son. 
I wish I could tell my dad all about my recent trip to DC. 
My son is the reason I was there. 
I wish I had more than one photo of my dad holding his great-grandson. 

I wish that the photo I have of Hagen holding his cousin’s baby was one of him holding his. 
I wish my dad was here to enjoy Declan’s antics.
I wish my son was here to raise him.
I wish I could tell my dad “Happy Father’s Day”. 
I wish I could watch Declan say the same to his daddy in his adorable two year old enunciation. 
I wish, but I’m thankful. 

I’m thankful to have had my daddy for 47 years. 
I’m thankful to have had my son for 22. 
I’m thankful for the values and wisdom my dad shared with me. 
I’m thankful to have passed those along to my son. 
I’m thankful that, although Declan won’t remember meeting his great-grandpa and never had the chance to meet his daddy, he will know them through the photos I do have and the pieces of them that flow through me. 
I’m thankful that one day I’ll be able to tell them again how much they mean to me in person, but until then I will tell them how much I miss them. 
I’m thankful that the two of them are together and that together they peek through the veil from time to time to see all that I think they are missing. 
I’m thankful for the beautiful memories that flood my soul today and for the stories I have to tell. 
I’m especially thankful for this beautiful life I’ve been blessed with and for my Father, my daddy and my son.